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Who are We?

Countryside is not 1 set of ideas, but many ideas brought together by community of people passionate about living their best life. Raising livestock for hobby and food source, gardening, using natural resources responsibly, and getting back to basics are just some of the common practices which has made Countryside a popular publication and now digital source of trusted information for over 100 years!

Advertising Options

Countryside offers a wide variety or print and digital solutions depending on your own marketing goals and challenges. See below for pre-built and custom solutions as well as solutions to segmented interests like livestock including: pigs, sheep, cattle, goats, poultry, beekeeping and much more.

National Print Publications

** All also available in digital format

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Nationally distributed. Hobby farming, gardening and living simpler is the main focus and editorial.

Backyard Poultry

Nationally distributed. America's favorite poultry publication is read by monthly by people rasising for hobby, eggs/meat, show and more.

Goat Journal

Nationally distributed. Goat Journal is read by people raising goats for several reasons like dairy, meat, fiber, enjoyment and more.

Other OpportunitiesĀ 

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Online Display Advertising

Get higher quality clicks and more conversions when you choose Countryside online display advertising.

E-newsletter Sponsorship

Get branding and direct traffic to your site though use of one of our engaging e-newsletters.

Native Advertising

Use our native advertising to help brand your company as a thought leader, improve your google rankings and drive direct traffic to your site or store.

E-Blast Advertising

Send your direct message to thousands of already engaged potentials instantly. Promote your own sales and promotions to brand and drive traffic.

Emails Leads & Contests

Increase your own leads though sponsoring a contest or free guide. These opt-ins are yours to add to your own promotions.

And more!

Custom build a unique solutions that is specifically for your needs or goals. Unique builds often result in the best solution for you company.

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Director of Advertising


Kelly Weiler

Advertising & Marketing Manager



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